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Understanding Amazon Attribution

Knowing where your sales are coming from might be easy when advertising within Amazon. It's when you take marketing off the platform where things get tricky.

You need to leverage various off-Amazon channels to drive traffic to your Amazon store. Understandable. But tracking how these channels contribute to your overall goals can be challenging.

56% of marketers believe attribution is essential, while 33% believe it is absolutely critical. So, challenging as it may be, attribution is not something you can let go of.

This is why Amazon has introduced the Amazon Attribution solution to help sellers identify what is driving their KPIs.

In this blog, we will discuss Amazon Attribution, what it is and how it helps sellers like you. And if you read till the end, you will also find the metrics you can track and attribute using this tool.

What is Amazon Attribution?

Let's start by defining attribution.

Attribution entails measuring the impact of your marketing activities on your campaign goals. It tells you which marketing strategies contributed how much to your KPIs and goals.

Amazon attribution is an advertising attribution and insights solution developed by Amazon itself.

Amazon attribution helps marketers tie their conversions to their external marketing efforts. In this way, It helps marketers determine the on-Amazon impact from their off-Amazon marketing strategies.

You may be reaching out to customers through email, social media, display advertising, or search. Amazon attribution helps you track your efforts on all these channels including Facebook, Instagram, Google Adwords, and more. You can also trace your conversions back to video ads and third-party affiliate marketing through this tool.

This solution is still relatively new. It is available to brand-registered sellers and vendors in a handful of countries, including the US and Canada.

How Does Amazon Attribution Help Sellers Like You?

Tracking the performance of your platform-native Amazon ads campaign is easy. You can access all your eCommerce data through Amazon’s tracking and measurement solutions.

However, these solutions only track ad activities within the platform. This is why, you could be almost blind about the results your off-Amazon ad campaigns are generating without Amazon Attribution.

Amazon Attribution tracks the results of the ads that you run off-Amazon to drive traffic to your Amazon store.

This tool can help you optimize your marketing spend by giving you insights into how your ads are doing outside of Amazon. In this way, it can enable you to generate better ROIs and grow your business.

Still not sure why Amazon Attribution is valuable? Here are a few ways it can add help your business:

Track Performance of Your External Marketing Efforts

You just spent $1000 running a social media campaign aiming to boost your Amazon conversions. Wouldn't you want to know the ROI these thousand dollars generated? Of course, you would.

Amazon Attribution helps you get an estimate of that.

This solution lets you pinpoint precisely what marketing strategies are driving sales. By doing so, it eliminates all blind spots within your sales and gives you a complete overview of what works and what doesn't.

Helps You Understand Your Customer's Journey

71% of marketers consider optimizing customer journey across touch points “very important.”

Customer journey is defined by the path a customer takes from first brand encounter right up to purchase. With the diversity in touch points, mapping an accurate customer journey can be difficult.

Amazon Attribution lets you track each customer touch point. In this way, it helps you track your customers’ journey with excellent precision.

Knowing your customers’ journey gives you insights into their decision-making process. This, in turn, enables you to create more targeted ads that promise better results.

Optimize Your Ad Creatives

Ad creatives are as crucial as ad placement, if not more.

By helping you identify the marketing efforts that contributed the most conversions, Amazon Attribution also helps you figure out the creatives that appeal to your audience the most.

Did the ad with customer reviews bring in the most sales?

Did your social media post with a fun infographic drive the best KPIs?

Was it that Influencer ad on Instagram that drove the most conversions?

Amazon attribution can help answer all these questions and streamline your advertising campaigns.

This is why, advertisers who optimized their non-Amazon media using Amazon Attribution insights experienced 18% increase in new-to-brand sales.

Adjust Campaigns In-flight

Amazon Attribution helps your track and optimize your campaigns in real-time through in-flight optimization features. This helps you avoid the typical optimization lag inherent in almost all marketing campaigns.

Use Attribution Insights to Run Remarketing Ads

Consumers are 70% more likely to convert with retargeting ads.

Amazon attribution uses a tracking URL called Attribution tags. These tags follow your customers once they click on your link. In this way, you can identify the customers who visited your products page but left without making a purchase. Then, you can retarget them with offers and discounts and (hopefully) get them down the funnel.

Improve Bottom Line

You will focus your investments on efforts that generate the best ROI, right? Of course.

Amazon Attribution helps you figure out the marketing channel that generates the best ROI. This enables you to direct your investments to that channel and improve your bottom line as a result.

Metrics You Can Track with Amazon Attribution

The Amazon Attribution platform comes with an integrated, visual dashboard that helps you easily gain insights into your external marketing campaigns. You can track full-funnel metrics through this dashboard including:

Add to Cart

This metric indicates the number of times a promoted product was added to the cart by a customer arriving through an external link. The add-to-cart metric can help you drive remarketing campaigns by serving ads to people who added products to the cart but left without buying.

Detail Page Views

This metric represents the number of views your promoted product's listing got. Detail page views can help you figure out which external marketing channel contributes the most towards your brand consideration goals.

New-to-Brand Metrics

New-to-Brand metrics represent the number of new customers your brand has acquired over the last 12 months. This group of metrics can help you determine the efficacy of your campaigns if you are looking to expand your customer base. These metrics include:

  • New-to-brand Purchases: The number of first-time purchases for a promoted product.

  • New-to-brand Product Sales: The total sales generated through new-to-brand orders.

  • New-to-brand Units Sold: The number of promoted products purchased for the first time.

Product Sales

This is the ultimate metric when determining the ROI of a particular ad. The product sales metric represents the total sales (in your local currency) that came in through a given ad.


You don’t have to avoid external marketing because it is hard to track and attribute. Amazon Attribution solution can help you determine how effective your external marketing campaigns have been in reaching your Amazon business goals.

When used right, this tool can help you perform in-flight optimization and empower you to streamline your off-Amazon marketing efforts for more successful campaigns.

Working with Accrue, you can leverage the experience and insights of ex-Amazonians to optimize your marketplace presence. Talk to one of our marketplace experts now to get started with external marketing and Amazon Attribution today.


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