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Basic content and enhanced (A+) content are both crucial to your success on Amazon. Your product listings content feeds into the Amazon A9 algorithm which determines how you rank in organic searches on Amazon which in turn impacts your discoverability for customers. Our services include optimizing your listing content on Amazon so it adheres to all best practises that make your product stand out. 

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Product Information Management

With over 500 million products on Amazon, getting your customers attention is the #1 step in winning sales. Every bullet points, title, description and image matters. Our team is experienced in creating and optimizing basic content that make your products discoverable and convert customers quickly. 

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A + Content

As customers scroll through your listings, they are interested in learning more about your products which is where enhanced/A+ content becomes very important. Our designers create a+ content that has proven to improve your product search rankings and conversation rates. 

Brand Stores

Think of Amazon as a mall, now think are you merchandising your products correctly? Brands with stores see higher basket size on Amazon. We help with visual design and development of brand stores. Our designers focus on ensuring brand stores are mobile optimized and search engine optimized. 


We Are Trusted By Our Clients


"Haris and his team at Accrue have been instrumental in taking our sales to the next level. From listing optimization, ad management, and dealing with the red tape, they have provided excellent customer service and professional reporting at every opportunity. So glad we decided to go with Accrue! "

Chad Sears, Marketing Director, Natural Calm Canada 

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