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Data Tech & Analytics

Connect data across your ecommerce business to unlock insights and discover new opportunities for profitable growth.

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Trusted By Brands Across Various Industries
Unified Marketplace View

Sell on multiple marketplaces, but have one dashboard to view performance across all online channels. Our unique technology solution allows brands to integerate all their ecommerce data into one view to easily visualize and understand core metrics such as sales and advertising performance for each channel

Cross Channel Analysis

Our team actively mointors and analysis performance across all your channels. Considerations such as channel maturity, growth and opportunity are analysed to guide investments and decision making by channel. 

Consumer & Category Trends

Get access to the latest category and audience insights with Accrue. From search term volume, competitor sales data & category growth, our team is able to provide relevant data to help inform our overall strategy and stay on top of retail trends. 


We Are Trusted By Our Clients


"Haris and his team at Accrue have been instrumental in taking our sales to the next level. From listing optimization, ad management, and dealing with the red tape, they have provided excellent customer service and professional reporting at every opportunity. So glad we decided to go with Accrue! "

Chad Sears, Marketing Director, Natural Calm Canada 

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