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Why Is Having an Amazon Brand Store Important? Here is All You Need to Know!

Let’s say your products are doing well on Amazon, and are drawing attention, and you are generating good sales. What could be the next step to scale up your business?

One key tool to further drive your business forward is Amazon Brand Stores. It is an attractive way to merchandise your products and build trust with potential customers. Amazon Brand Store is tried and tested advertising strategy to expand your business and showcase your entire portfolio under one roof. Let's explore further what an Amazon Brand Store is!

What is an Amazon Brand Store?

Brand store is a feature that is available for vendors and sellers that helps you establish your online store where you can display your products. It provides a better shopping experience for the consumers because of its brand-centric approach.

With Amazon as one of the world's most popular marketplace, it keeps on improving its services and introduce new features to attract sellers and in return engage more consumers. Amazon Brand Store is one of its key features that is gaining a lot of popularity lately. It is a free-of-charge service tool that helps the brands elevate their positioning on Amazon and control merchandising.

The most captivating part is that it is highly flexible in terms of structure and content. Amazon Brand Store highlights your product's distinctive selling points with rich content and serves as a channel for launching a product.

It helps you to better communicate your brand since you can add templates and themes that are thoroughly customizable. You can add images, videos, pages, headers, footers, scroll wheels, content grids, and a lot more.

Importance of Having an Amazon Brand Store

Amazon Brand store can play an important role in boosting your business. It allows brands to organize their products under one roof. It is important in the following ways:

1. Setting Up Brand Credibility

Customers always look out for credible brands when buying products online. When you establish your amazon brand store, it seems more authentic and, gives a branded look, and instantly gains customer's trust. It helps you make more sales and acquire returning customers in the long run.

2. Show-Casing Multiple Products

Customer experience can be a key decision-making factor when shoppers are making their buying journey. Having all your product displayed under one store can help potential customers navigate your catalog easily and also understand the options available. It also helps the vendor or seller to organize their catalog and merchandise based on their choice.

3. Organic Ranking on Amazon

You can not only give a boost to your sales but also improve organic ranking by setting up a brand store. Organic ranking benefits you in the long rung as winning top of search advertising placements can get expensive.

4. Enhancing Brand Image

Customers tend to develop an emotional attachment with the brand they put their trust in. Amazon brand stores help win the trust and hearts of the consumer by providing a more tailored experience vs the regular amazon browsing experience.

5. Sponsored Brands Activation

Sponsored brand ads that are linked to stores instead of product detail pages drive increase ROAS by 22%. Having a brand store opens up advertising opportunities with Amazon Sponsored Brands which allow you to get more creative with your messaging and showcase 3 products at one time.

6. Marketing Products to Pre-Existing Customers

This is an era of social media and has the power to attract thousands in no time. Your audience can increase exponentially if you know how to engage them. The people who follow you expect you to keep on adding interesting stuff to your list. You can market your products not only to the new consumers but also to the already existing customers. By sharing your amazon brand store on your social media handles, you can drive additional traffic and sales for your Amazon business.

What would it be like to own a mini-store in the World's biggest marketplace for free? It is an opportunity to take your Amazon business forward and step up your reputation on Amazon.

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