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Natural Calm

"The Better Magnesium": is a health and personal care brand  selling across Canada


Health & Personal Care 

What was the Challenge?

North America’s leading brand in Magnesium supplement - Natural Calm - was entering a whole new market in 2021: Gummies. While this company has had great success selling their powdered Magnesium supplements, gummies was a whole new market for them. This new SKU was targeted to launch during late 2020 on all channels at the same time (including Amazon), naturally, there was minimal historical data on what worked and didn’t. 


With limited data and insights to work with, Accrue was tasked to launch this product on Amazon.

How did Accrue solve the problem?

Launching a new product on Amazon typically requires 2-3 months and also requires the convergence of brand insights, retail data and Amazon expertise. 


With that said, Accrue took the following approach:

  1. Product First: Accrue first met with the Natural Calm team to understand the ingredients, benefits and unique positioning of the product. This provided guidance on which Amazon product category to pursue and conduct further research. 

  2. Amazon Deep Dive: Prior to launching the product page on Amazon, intensive research was done against similar products to uncover high probability keywords (balancing traffic, competition and relevancy). These keywords were used to guide the product descriptions, bullet points and metadata when the listing was created. 

  3. Brand Launch Ad Campaigns: After the ASIN launched, Sponsored Product campaigns were created focused on low cost yet relevant keywords to drive traffic. In addition, an automatic-targeting Sponsored Product campaign was created as a tactic to harvest new keywords for future campaigns and content optimizations. 

Expand by Conquesting: As more momentum is gained (traffic) and sales flowed in consistently, Accrue built competitive conquest campaigns, focusing on smaller brands, to begin capturing market share from the competition in the category

What were the results?


Within the first 3 months, Gummies ASIN gained strong momentum where the ASIN saw a 150% increase in traffic. In the product launch review, Accrue forecasted that Gummies will grow 50-75% in the next 6 months and be one of top 3 products for the brand. This hypothesis helped Natural Calm get prepared from the inventory front to manage the upcoming lift in sales.


The hypothesis came true. Within 7 months of product launch, Gummies became the top seller for Natural Calm and 1 of top 3 products in the Gummies Magnesium category on Amazon.



Increase in Traffic


Growth in Sales


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