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Marketplace Strategy & Operations

Our team of experts is well versed in the different marketplaces (Amazon, Walmart, Instacart). We help brands manage their marketplaces effectively while ensuring that growth is maximized. 

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Trusted By Brands Across Various Industries
Platform Management

Accrue has built a team of eCommerce experts who pride themselves on being experts in marketplaces. Our team can manage your seller or vendor central so that you focus on the business strategy and let us deal with these complex platforms. Our team takes control of the tool so that we are able to maximize all the different inputs available. We also keep a close eye on activity, so we can act proactively and mitigate potential risks that can cause interference or halt business. We also are well versed in dealing with Vendor managers and support teams to troubleshoot.

Profitability Analysis

Are you maximizing on your top-sellers? What about the most profitable products? We will deep dive into your catalogue to identify key products to push on Amazon. Varying needs, we can even act as an extension to help you manage inventory levels and forecasting so you will never stop selling.

Product Launch

Whether it is for new products or existing products, our team will work with your team on product listing creations, content optimizations and product positioning to maximize your sales potential across marketplaces


Getting your listing shut down or experiencing 'tech issues' should not be foreign to Amazon sellers. The reality is, Amazon conducts reviews on accounts on a daily basis to check for fruadulent, unhealthy and compliance issues. While some flags are warranted, we know some are definitely not. Let us take the headache away from you. Our team understands the "Amazon approach" to resolving issues and will persistently work with Amazon Seller Support to resolve operational issues.

We Are Trusted By Our Clients


"Haris and his team at Accrue have been instrumental in taking our sales to the next level. From listing optimization, ad management, and dealing with the red tape, they have provided excellent customer service and professional reporting at every opportunity. So glad we decided to go with Accrue! "

Chad Sears, Marketing Director, Natural Calm Canada 

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Our experts offer a complimentary consult to discuss opportunities on how you could optimize your marketplaces for growth.

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