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Utiva by SZIO+

"Utiva is a better way to prevent a UTI"

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What was the Challenge?


Szio+, a healthcare company, set the objective to grow sales and presence for their UTI supplement brand, Utiva. The scope of engagement involved managing their sales objectives and ad spend for both the US and Canada.

While the brand had excellent quality products, it under-indexed on the engagements on Amazon vs. competition. The brand had never explored or utilized any of various marketing opportunities that Amazon provides to meet
brand needs in connecting with their relevant audiences.

With these challenges, Accrue was tasked to grow Utiva's under-indexed brand.

How did Accrue solve the problem?

We believe that growing a brand on Amazon typically requires the convergence of brand insights, audience segmentation and Amazon expertise.

Combining the three components, we approached the task in the following way:

1. Audience Segmentation by Customer Journey: For each product set, we built 3 audience groups that were based on typical customer journeys in this category. We used this audience segmentation to develop the targeting strategy using Amazon in-market, contextual, competitor and lifestyle audiences.

We reported performance metrics and optimized advertising campaigns based on these relevant audience segments. An example of audience segment are customers that are loyal to the category and have been actively engaging with competitor brands. Their journey is likely to begin via keyword searches which takes them to the competitor products. This audience would require clear communication on the value proposition and consistent interaction by being top of mind to drive initial acquisition.

2. Marketing That Speaks to Audiences: By leveraging extensive knowledge of the Amazon retail and marketing ecosystems, we developed an advertising strategy that had multiple touch points across the customer journey. For example, based on the above audience segment, we utilized a variety of tactics that include search, video, display and remarketing.


To educate these customers we leveraged video creatives targeting competitor brand searches and product pages. In addition, we targeted customers in the aisle and built awareness for the brand through Sponsored Brand Video (SBV) to own important real estate within the aisle.

We have further shared our approach by stage in the below table as example:

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YoY Increase in Sales

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YoY Increase in Engagement

New-to-brand Customers

What were the results?

In the last 2 years, the brand gained strong momentum in engagements and driving incremental sales. Tactics such as Sponsored Brand Video resulted in 75% first time buyers into the brand (New-To-Brand), showcasing the incremental gain. The brand was able to consistently grow engagements by 85% YoY and sales by 105% YoY. We also leveraged cross-merchandising tactics which allowed Utiva to use their brand equity to ignite interest in their other brands.

Client's Feedback

Client’s Feedback: “The team at Accrue helped us grow our brands on Amazon through creative ideas and in-depth knowledge of Amazon strategies and tactics. We have appreciated their regular reporting, team meetings and clear communication. Accrue has been a strong extension of our marketing team to focus on Amazon.”- Derek and Faraz, Co-founders

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