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"Unbreakable sunglasses"



What was the Challenge?

Forceflex is an innovative sunglasses brand that prides itself on durability, style, and zero visual distortion. When the brand launched on Amazon in Sep 2020, Forceflex only had active 2 ASINs. 

In an effort to diversify its catalog and expand its customer base, Forceflex decided to add 4 new products in Q1 2021. While it seems like a typical product launch exercise, there was an aggressive timeline behind it. Understanding that the Summer months are a prime seasonality for sunglasses, Forceflex tasked Accrue to successfully launch their new products in time to maximize the big summer months. 

How did Accrue solve the problem?

Accrue saw July as a big opportunity for Forceflex due to the high volume of sunglasses traffic during the peak of Summer and most importantly, Prime Day.

For a brand that is looking to launch a product in Q1, maximizing sales by July is not an easy task. Because of this, Accrue took the following proactive steps:

1. Product Launch - Working closely with Forceflex, Accrue researched the product, Amazon opportunity (keywords and competitive landscape), and created content for the 4 new products. 

2. Seasonality - Analysis: As early as the beginning of Q2, Accrue took the opportunity to share Prime Day program benefits with Forceflex. At this time, Amazon’s Prime Day information hasn’t been shared yet, but as Accrue has extensive experience with Amazon, there were enough data points and expertise that could be shared. 

3. Deal Submissions: With Forceflex’s alignment to participate, Accrue analyzed the sunglasses category and provided a recommendation on what types of deals to run (coupons, discounts, Amazon deals) that maximizes sales and profitability. Once the deal selections were finalized, deals were created within the system and strategically planned the lead-in, Prime Day and Lead out deal timings

4. Inventory Management: 1 month prior to Prime Day, Accrue provided an ed in-depth analysis of inventory and created forecasts of the lifts for Prime Day. This helped Forceflex maintain the required inventory levels to offer the best customer experience during Prime Day

5. Advertising: Deals are not visible enough on Prime Day without the support of Advertising. Accrue created Prime Day Sponsored Products and Sponsored Display campaigns focused on promoting the active Prime Day deals. Throughout July, Accrue analyzed the performance of campaigns on regular basis and optimized the campaigns to drive the most scale and conversion for Prime Day

What were the results?


During Prime Day, Forceflex ASIN impressions were 10x higher than on off-peak days on Amazon. In addition to that, Forceflex observed their best month on Amazon ever, a whopping +100% higher than their average monthly sales in 2021. .




Higher Impressions


Growth in Sales

Increase in Traffic

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