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How to Use Amazon Promotions and Discounts to Stand Out to Customers

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

Sellers try out tremendous ways to boost their eCommerce sales. As an online retailer on Amazon, which is one of the largest eCommerce platforms, it's difficult to grab customers in a highly competitive environment.

However, that’s where you as a seller need to know about Amazon promotions and discounts. Are you keen to grab the competitor’s market share too? Well, this is your chance to stand out among your potential niche.

In this blog, you will be knowing everything there is regarding how to use amazon promotions and discounts to play well among customers.

What Are Amazon Promotions & Discounts?

Let’s begin with defining what are these promotions and discounts in reality. The promotions are offers or deal to grab the customer’s attention and convince them to give your product a shot.

These promotions could either be in the form of reduced prices for a span of time, some discounts, promo codes, coupons, or not-to-resist offers.

You would be surprised to know that as a seller, you can benefit from two types of Amazon coupons to gain a greater customer base.

Types Of Amazon Coupons

1. Link coupons

As the name implies, the coupons are found once the customer clicks a link where they find a certain discount or a deal. This is eligible for all the products of the e-store.

2. Click coupons

These are the discount offers that you clip to certain products and not to all the products.

Amazon coupons don't last long. Hence, as a seller, try to make the most out of them in a limited time.

How To Create Amazon Promotions and Discounts?

Amazon gives its sellers a comprehensive advertising tool that allows you to gain from an extensive range of advertising options. It comprises social media promo codes, coupons, free shipping, percentage off, and much more. All of them have their own set of pros and cons.

However, one thing that will help you give an edge over your competitors is by using an Amazon promotion or discount offer that your competitor isn’t using. In this way, you are most likely to grasp a higher amount of traffic to your online retailing store.


Brief Process of Enabling Any Amazon Advertising Option

For choosing among the Amazon advertising options, you need to go to Amazon seller central. From there, click the "advertising" option. After which, you will notice a list of promotional activities that you can choose from.

What Makes Amazon Promotions and Discounts Effective?

The question, what makes amazon promotions effective is directly proportional to how you use them. For instance, despite the advertising option being available to every seller, why isn't every seller successful in capturing a significant share of the customer's base? The reason being, they don't conduct a thorough analysis before offering promotional discounts and benefits to its customers.


You are only successful in making the most out of amazon advertising when you are offering promotions and discounts without compromising on the profits unnecessarily.

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