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How to Manage Lost Buy Box? Here is All You Need to Know

There are millions of sellers on amazon that are selling in different categories. That’s why more than one seller is selling one product. When someone searches on a specific keyword, then several sellers' products appear on one page. But the point is that there is only one seller who has top priority add to cart action button called buy box.

Top 4 Reasons to Lose Buy Box

Amazon A9 algorithm guarded secrets to getting and Loss the buy box. There are several reasons to lose buy box some common and important are described in this blog post.

1. Inventory volume

Inventory is the product that you are selling on amazon. So if the inventory volume decreases, then the risk of losing the buy box increases. Because Amazon finds out that sellers have nothing to sell, Amazon always tries to promote sellers who have inventory in ample to avoid customers from frustration.

2. Amazon is reviewing the product’s authenticity

Sometimes buy box is lost due to the reason Amazon is reviewing your product’s authenticity. Customers complain about falsely labeled fashion apparel or low-quality services etc. then the amazon inspection team takes time to check the product’s authenticity. At this time, the sale of products slows down, and you lost the buy box.

3. Drop Selling rating

If the selling rating is lower than 90% in a 30-day trial, the seller lost buy box eligibility. Even a seller can lose the buy box either the only offer on the listing.

4. Prime-eligible products

Those who have Prime-eligible products have more chances to get the buy box. If you try a different fulfillment method and observe, your Buy Box is gone. Then Prime-eligible method of fulfillment helps to get it back.

5. Competitive price

To get a buy box or a higher chance to sale needs to set a competitive price. It should not be too much higher or too much lower. There must need to add shipping costs. Price should be near to manufacturing cost that helps to get the buy box.

6. Amazon profit

One of the most critical factors that amazon keeps on priority is amazon's profit margin. If a product's price is too high or low and sales are less, the profit margin declines. This decline in profit margin negatively impacts buy box and a reason for the loss of buy box.

How to Manage Lost Buy Box?

To manage the lost buy box, consider the following 4 steps that help to retake the buy box or prevent it from being lost:

1. The seller needs to keep an eye on the “Add to cart” button. Either it’s available on every listing.

2. Review listing and seller performance to omit errors. Selling seniority should be with a 90% or above rating.

3. The set price range of listing between Amazon and your other vendors. Also, keep in mind the profit margin of Amazon.

4. To get Prime eligible product need to sign up for FBA or Seller-Fulfilled Prime.

Final Thoughts

In order to get more sales on Amazon, you need to manage to buy. By doing so, you will not be enjoying higher revenue but also the first position on the Amazon page in your niche.

If you have any other queries, please feel free to ask in the comment section.

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