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What is Enhanced Brand Content or A+ Content? Here is How You Should Use it!

Visuals always add weight to any experience. It not only immediately draws attention but also shows that you are a professional brand. Images and details can help convince sellers and make your brand stand out in a busy environment.

Amazon, as World’s largest marketplace, never seems to disappoint its users when it comes to development and progress. It keeps on introducing tremendous features that are true to the benefit of vendors and sellers.

One of the tools introduced by Amazon is Enhance Brand Content (A+ content). This feature enhances the shopping experience for customers but also helps brands showcase their products more effectively. Before getting ahead, let’s look into this feature comprehensively.

Amazon Enhanced Brand Content or A+ content

On Amazon the competition is fierce and growing day by day, being able to stand out for a brand is the only way to make sure they are successful on the platform. So how do you ensure that you are able to convert those customers that are sitting on the fence?

EBC was introduced back in November 2017 for sellers. Amazon Enhanced Brand Content or A+ content is a premium feature available for registered sellers that facilitates them to add products description and high-quality images to support the appearance of their product.

Enhanced Brand Content allows you to highlight key features about your brand in a visual way to gain customer confidence and trust and hopefully the sale.

4 Merits of Having Amazon Enhanced Brand Content or A+ content

  1. Increase Dwell time and Stand out - With 1000’s of competitors on Amazon, of the challenges for every brand is how do you ensure that you are product is on top of the consideration set. One of the ways to do this is to get them to spend more time on your detail page so that you are able to convince them to buy your product. EBC (A+ content) enables sellers to add interesting content about their brand/product which will make their product stand out from their competitors.

  2. Increase Sales - Amazon claims that adding EBC to a product listing can increase sales by an average of 3to 10%.

  3. Showcase your brand story - Previously Amazon lacked merchandising opportunities and only offered the basic content for sellers to display on their pages. With EBC (A+ content) you are able to creatively showcase different attributes of your brand, from the unique selling proposition to the actual product in action using a mix of visually rich content

  4. Improve mobile optimization - One of the limitations of basic or fundamental content is that on mobile when a user is browsing only the first 200 words show up and then they have to click through the rest. However, with enhanced brand content (A+content) the user is able to see all the content that you have added to your pages without losing their attention by clicking on any other page.

Do’s & Don’t in Amazon Brand Content

Before you start working on your A + content, be very clear about the dos and don’ts. Few things are considered as violations in Amazon Brand Content that you should be mindful about.

  1. Mentioning your competitor’s products or using phrases like ‘products sold only by authorized reseller’ can make your submission get rejected.

  2. Providing promotion information and marking your products as ‘cheapest’ will result in a rejection.

  3. Providing information about your company’s contact is considered a violation.

  4. Improvising shipping details as ‘free shipping’ is not acceptable.

  5. Copyright, registered, or copyright symbols in pictures and images will lead to refusal.

  6. Bragging and remarking your products as ‘best of all, ‘hottest product’ is unacceptable.

  7. Providing low-quality images can cause rejection,

  8. Images that clearly don’t include the product and focus only on lifestyle are disapproved.

  9. Adding links that redirect to other websites in or out of Amazon is not allowed.

  10. Punctuation mistakes, grammatical errors, spelling errors, and bold fonts and features must be avoided.

  11. Anything subjected to violating terms and conditions issued for selling on Amazon can result in a decline.

Step-By-Step Guidelines to Use Amazon Enhanced Brand Content (A+ content)

Here are the instructions to ensure you set this up correctly

Step 1: Steer to the “Enhanced Brand Content”

Look for the ‘Advertising’ bar on the top line. Open the drop-down menu bar and select ‘Enhanced Brand Content.

Step 2: Select A Template

Your next move will be to enter your Stock Keeping Unit (SKU), for which you are setting enhanced content. You will be directed to some templates. Amazon offers various modules that have combinations of text and images to help you design your EBC. These modules are built to support only images or text + images depending on how you plan to build out your design. Accrue recommends first building out a wireframe of your EBC content, so you can get an idea of information flow.

Step 3: Adding Content

  1. Probably the most important aspect of setting up A+ content is ensuring you use high-quality images. This not only ensures that you are listing is deemed good by Amazon it also does make a significant difference to the shopping experience of a customer.

  2. Use interesting text that drives home the value of your product in a matter of 3-4 seconds. Writing lengthy paragraphs won’t yield a lot of results for you, instead of capturing the attention with succinct copy is more likely to generate interest. Please note text in EBC (A+content) does not get indexed for SEO.

  3. 3. Keep in mind all the violations that can lead to disapproval. Once you are satisfied with your input, click on 'preview.' You will be notified for using any prohibited word or phrase if any. You will get an additional notification if there is any available space, so you may use that space for adding more content which is very helpful.

Step 4: Submission for Review

After reviewing your information thoroughly, head on to submission. You might get rejected on the first go. In this case, remove any references added regarding pricing or promotions. You will get informed about the errors. After editing all the possible errors, resubmit.

Step 5: Check the Results

After getting approved by Amazon, it’s important to track how EBC (A+ content) has helped your brand sales. Put in a reminder on when you set this live and check-in 6- 8 weeks to see if there is an impact on sales.


Good branding and merchandising are key pillars to helping your brand get more sales. Once you get registered, you are all set to take advantage of this opportunity. This feature is free of cost for sellers and vendors. You can upload EBC by ASIN or choose a common EBC and apply it against all your products.

Enhanced brand content is an excellent way for you to showcase your products and also gain customer confidence.

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