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How to Mine for Good Keywords in Sponsored Ads?

Amazon is a great platform to sell your products and earn a handsome amount of profits. But, that’s possible only when consumers are able to see your products. Sellers try to do organic SEO of their products in order to rank their products. Once organic SEO fails, Sponsored ads are the last option.

Sponsored search advertising relies on keywords to bring advertisers, searchers, and search engines together. Throughout the process of a search advertising campaign, advertisers have to make numerous keyword decisions. Here’s how you can mine for good keywords in sponsored ads:

1. Keywords Mining via Manual Campaign

2. Keywords Mining via Automatic AI Campaign

Keywords Mining via Manual Campaign:

Keywords mining for good keywords in sponsored ads can be done via manual campaigns. In manual campaigns, one has to consider the following aspects:

1. Start from Broad to Specific Keywords

Consider your customers' perspectives. To be able to find your products, what word or query would they need to type (or speak) into the search box? Initially, choose broad keywords, then move to more specific ones. For instance:

Shirts -> Kids shirts -> Kids long-sleeve shirts -> Kids white long-sleeve shirts

Sometimes, search engines recognize that similar terms have the same meaning (for example, "watch" and "wristwatch"), but not always, so it's best to include them, especially if you're setting your match type to Exact.

2. Use long-tail Keywords

Your sponsored ads should include long-tail keywords. It's more likely that the user will click on your sponsored ad and follow through with a purchase since it's exactly what they're looking for. Moreover, sponsored ads with long-tail keywords cost less to rank since they are less competitive.

3. Include Product Related Keywords

In order to appeal to customers who are likely to be interested in what you're selling, it’s beneficial to include keyword phrases related to your product in sponsored ads. Those who sell cat food, for instance, could include topics such as cat grooming, cat breeds, cat health issues, cat sitters, cat accessories, and so on.

4. Set negative keywords

Negative keywords can reduce the effectiveness of your sponsored ad campaigns and waste your money. Fortunately, the Amazon Pay per Click (PPC) allows you to add negative keywords to the campaign, so you can avoid wasting your money. When these negative keywords are used in a search query, your sponsored ad will not appear.

With negative terms, one can save money on unwanted searches and free more of their marketing budget to target better-related searches, which will increase sales.

Keyword Mining via Automatic AI Campaign

According to most experts, automating your marketing campaign to mine keywords is the best strategy to mine for good keywords in sponsored ads.

The Amazon Advertising platform provides an automatic method for discovering keywords that might be suitable for the advertised product without the advertiser having to supply an initial list of keywords.

Automated campaigns generate reports detailing the performance of the keywords, which can then be analysed and, if relevant and effective, added to manual campaigns for sponsored ads.

Keyword mining is the key to a successful sponsored ads campaign. If you want to have booming sales, then you must carefully craft and mine for good keywords.

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