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Top Key considerations for Amazon Successful Advertising Campaigns

Amazon has taken over the world, and who knows, it might take over space too. Unlike Google and Facebook, Amazon has real power in knowing what people are buying and how they're doing it.

With such a powerful data bank, Amazon is the best real estate to invest in advertising campaigns. Amazon advertising campaigns increase your exposure, thus resulting in more sales. The following are several key factors to consider to get better results from the money you spend on advertising with Amazon's tools and functionality.

1. Build an effective campaign structure by Product category

For experienced AdWords advertisers, this isn't something new. AdWords organizational skills can be applied to Amazon's ad platform to organize your campaigns and ad groups. It is recommended that you create a campaign for each of your major product categories, then create ad groups for each campaign.

Create ad groups in each campaign based on more specific categories. An effective account structure will allow for relevant ads, and in turn, you will experience a higher Return on Investment (ROI). This is an extremely important tip to maximize the benefits of Amazon’s successful advertising campaigns.

2. Compose an attractive, compelling Ad Copy

Try to use creativity and humour in your ad, as well as ensuring it's accurate in terms of what you're selling. The cluttered search results on Amazon have made standing out even more important.

An emphasis on urgency may also be beneficial. You should always highlight sales and promotions in your ad.

3. Specificity is the key to your Ad copy

It is also advisable to be very specific in your ad copy in terms of what you offer. Say you sell juice bottles. If you're selling one, you should know the number of ounces/cups it holds, that it's BPA-free, if it keeps my juice cold for a given amount of time, etc.

It may be hard to include all this information in an ad text, but the most critical details are vital.

4. Bid on popular brands that sell similar items

Make sure you don't ignore your well-known competitors when brainstorming keywords. In the case of selling shoes, you might want to bid on terms like "Adidas shoes" and "Nike shoes," which are commonly searched for and bought on the Internet.

In this way, you can then seek out customers that want your much cooler, less well-known brand name shoes. This technique can be helpful in a successful amazon campaign.

5. Test all three formats of advertising

Ads with sponsored products may appear to yield the best and fastest ROI, but headline search ads could lead to loyal, repeat buyers. If you'd like to know what advertising type will yield the best results, try all three ad types, and then, as your statistics become clear, re-allocate your advertising budget, so it reflects your campaign's success.

6. Make use of negative keywords

Using negative keywords, similar to Google advertising, will reduce wasted clicks. In the case of a sous vide cooker, if you bid on the word "cookers" with a broad or phrase match, a searcher could still pull up your ad by typing in a cooker.

Keeping your match types conservative can also help, steering clear of broad matches and emphasizing phrases and exact matches. Be sure you target the right keywords as well by conducting some keyword research.

These key consideration factors are the basis for Amazon’s successful advertising campaigns. Remember these points and see visitors turning into your loyal clients.

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