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Exciting Highlights from Amazon’s Unprecedented BFCM 2022 Results

Amazon has long been the go-to place for holiday shoppers. Bargain prices and Amazon’s exceptional customer support make the platform an ideal place for hassle-free shopping.

This is why, ecommerce merchants and Amazon sellers bank on the 5-day BFCM event to help them hit their Q4 goals. Some people call it the Super Bowl of ecommerce, and rightly so. All eyes are trained on how e-retail giants like Amazon, popular for capitalizing on these shopping events, perform during this time.

And Amazon is never late in publicizing its performance results.

Amazon published this year’s initial BFCM results soon after the 5-day shopping weekend ended.

In this article, we will share some highlights from those results.

Predictions for BFCM 2022

If you follow Amazon’s announcements, you might know how Amazon shocked (and disappointed) its investors when it predicted a potential drop in sales growth during the holiday season back in October.

The ecommerce mammoth cited inflation as the reason it saw a slower shopping season ahead. With the economic uncertainty and rising prices, the company believed consumers would keep their purse strings tight this time.

However, the Thanksgiving weekend came and went. And the numbers we received were pleasantly surprising.

Highlights from Amazon BFCM 2022

Amazon experienced an unprecedented thanksgiving weekend this time generating a record number of sales.

The company sold millions of products and drove sales worth a billion dollars.

Here are some interesting highlights from the exciting shopping event:

Record Number of Products Sold

Amazon might have been expecting a bleak shopping season, but with a record number of products sold, the company reported its biggest Thanksgiving weekend ever!

Thousands of customers purchased millions of products, leveraging mind-blowing bargains and contributing to Amazon’s success.

According to initial reports, hundreds of millions of products were sold, that too only within four days.

Top-selling products belonged to the Home, Fashion, Toys, and Beauty categories. This could be because some of these categories, like Toys, offered the deepest discounts.

Small Businesses Won Big

Amazon has long advocated for small business success, investing billions of dollars into tools and solutions that support them.

The company has almost 1.7 million SMBs and attributes nearly half of its sales to small businesses.

Small businesses indeed do well on Amazon, and this Thanksgiving weekend was evidence of that.

Small businesses benefited the most from Amazon’s popular thanksgiving sales, and generated $1 billion in sales in the US.

And that’s only during the BFCM days. The holiday shopping season isn’t over yet. That means Amazon small businesses can expect to generate even more significant revenues.

Many Best Sellers Made the List

Amazon didn’t just release its sales numbers. It also made public its star products that made the best sellers list.

Many of Amazon’s own devices garnered significant sales volume as customers bought millions of Amazon devices, including Echo Dot, Fire TV Stick, Amazon Smart Plug, Ring, Blink, Kindle, etc.

Apart from Amazon’s own products, some third-party ASINs also found a place in the best sellers’ list, including apparel and shoes from New Balance, Nintendo Switch, Apple AirPods, and several family games.

What to Expect from the Rest of the Holiday Season?

The shopping season continues as last-minute shoppers are yet to jump into the holiday shopping spree. Amazon knows this. So the retail giant isn’t resting until the holiday season is officially over.

The platform is promising its customers new deals every day. Amazon is also offering Prime One-day delivery on over 20 million products and same-day delivery for hundreds of thousands of ASINs.

The platform has also extended the standard returns window till January 31st,2023, for all items bought from October 11th, 2022, to December 25th, 2022.

All of this is to get more and more consumers to shop from Amazon and its selling partners and help drive the actual Q4 results a little further away from the predicted ones.


The holiday shopping season is always exciting for ecommerce merchants, even more so when they are selling on Amazon – a platform known for excellent bargains this time of the year.

BFCM 2022 drove unprecedented results for Amazon, with a billion dollars generated through millions of products sold.

There are still a few days left of the holiday season. If you haven’t already, consider fine-tuning your marketplace strategies so your brand can share Amazon’s success as we move through Q4.

At Accrue, we help sellers like you foster a strong presence on marketplaces like Amazon. Work with our ecommerce strategists to discuss your opportunities and get started with leveraging Amazon’s potential.

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