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Best Seller Ranking on Amazon: Why You Should Care?

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

What is BSR (Best Seller Ranking)?

The term BSR stands for fluctuating amazon product ranking. You can see the BSR of each product in the section of product information in the product listing. BSR numbers can vary from 1 to millions of numbers and largely depends upon the product sales. If the period between the last sales is shorter than BSR is small, if the period is more extended than BSR is a more significant number. So, products with low sales have higher BSR as compare to the products with high sales.

For example, if your product has BSR 3, it has higher sales than a product with a BSR of 200. A single product can have more than 1 BSR depending on how many categories it appears under for example a product in the home and kitchen category has a BSR 500, while the exact product has BSR 7 in the cooking category. The same likely BSR can vary from to

BSR calculation Formula

The BSR calculation does not depend upon your client review but depends upon several sales in one hour as Amazon updates the BSR values hourly based on total sales, both current and historic.

If your competitor sold 6 units in one hour and you sold 20 units, then, of course, your product BSR will be lower. (Keep in mind lower the BSR, higher the ranking).

Tip: Don’t be worried if your latest sale is less than your competitor's. Amazon algorithm also focuses on the history of past sales.

Difference between BSR and Organic Ranking

Best Seller Ranking and organic rank are different things. BSR depends upon your product sales only, while organic ranking depends on few factors such as sales velocity, SEO, reviews etc.

Why should you care about BSR?

1. Product research

For newbies, BSR helps to find products that have more extensive sales quickly. Just by getting BSR information of the product. Suppose the product has a lower BSR value, then it's good to generate sales (means a product in demand). The proffered BSR value for the new Amazon seller is 2000.

2. To take action

BSR helps to compare one’s product with a similar competitor’s product. If you find competitor products have lower BSR as compare to your product. Then, of course, you need to take action (SEO Keyword, improve product description, improve images, etc.) to get more sales.

How to improve BSR?

Although BSR does not affect the organic ranking of amazon products but has importance.

  • To improve (get lower BSR value and high sales), BSR needs to take the following actions.

  • Optimize title according to SEO strategy by using the exact keyword

  • Optimize product listing by improving images, descriptions, bullet points, etc.

  • Run PPC campaigns

  • Competitive price range

  • Use Amazon FBA plan because Amazon gives priority to FBA product

Final thoughts

BSR is not only a number; it’s a way to analyze your product ranking and observe sales your performance against your competitors. That enforce you to take steps accordingly.

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