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Amazon Buy with Prime: What is it and How Does it Help You

With over 200 million Prime Members, Amazon has spoiled the online consumer by offering extraordinarily fast and free shipping on billions of products.

Customers have now evolved to expect the same shipping standard from all brands. And so, falling short of this standard can result in customer dissatisfaction.

Buy with Prime helps you hit this mark, empowering you with the ability to deliver a solid customer experience and grow your DTC brand while selling through your own website.

Amazon announced the general availability of Buy with Prime in January 2023, allowing sellers across the States to build their own brands on the foundations of Amazon's strong supply chain and logistics.

In this blog, we will explore what Buy with Prime is and list all the benefits you can enjoy by enrolling in this program. Stick with us till the end.

What is Buy with Prime?

Buy with Prime is one of Amazon's latest programs that extends Amazon Prime’s powerful shipping capabilities beyond its own website and lets other ecommerce brands offer Prime's renowned fast and free delivery to shoppers shopping on their own website – outside of Amazon.

Brands that enroll in the Buy with Prime program get to display Amazon's trademark Prime Shipping logo on their website, informing the customers of the fast and reliable shipping facilities available.

Once a customer purchases something off your website, Amazon's supply chain kicks in, and the product is picked, packed, and shipped from one of Amazon's fulfillment centers.

Why Use Buy with Prime?

Buy with Prime is super affordable and incurs no subscription charges, besides the regular packing, shipping, and other such costs. It unlocks viable opportunities for DTC brands to build on Amazon's shoulders and grow their brand.

Here are some of the most obvious benefits you can get by signing up for Buy with Prime:

Win Customers Love

A 2020 survey revealed that 65% of people who shop on Amazon do so because they have a Prime membership.

Amazon Prime allows customers to enjoy many perks, but it has garnered a solid reputation for its reliable, fast, and free delivery. And this is why many customers have grown to love Amazon Prime.

Letting customers shop through Amazon Prime on your website would help your brand deliver what the customers love, enabling you to forge your brand as a customer-first organization.

Besides that, customers are familiar with the experience of shopping with Amazon Prime and getting their stuff delivered at lightning-fast speeds. Therefore, this program also helps you shape a solid customer experience – one that customers don’t just love, but are accustomed to.

Foster Stronger Customer Relationships

Amazon has historically empowered platform-native sellers with perks like Prime Shipping, helping them maximize their sales and revenue. But sellers had to give up on the opportunity to get to know their customers better – on a more personal scale – to enjoy these perks.

Buy with Prime eliminates this problem and allows sellers to get the best of both worlds.

Using Buy with Prime you get to leverage Amazon's powerful shipping capabilities while selling through your own website. This also you to collect pertinent information needed to reach* out to these people on a personal level, reengage them with your brand, and foster customer loyalty and stronger relationships.

*Make sure you have the permission to use this information for marketing.

Let's understand this with an example.

A customer visits your website and likes a product. But they are not sure whether your brand will be able to deliver that product on time and in perfect condition. They are new. And hence, the skepticism is justified.

But then, the spot the blue Buy with Prime button. Since they are Prime members already, they now trust your brand to ship what they shop safely and checkout.

While checking out, they use their email address that lands in your CRM. Your marketing team can use this email address to run email marketing campaigns.

Emails tend to be 40x more effective in acquiring customers and are a solid means of reinforcing customer loyalty. Moreover, shoppers tend to spend 138% more when marketed through email.

So, Buy with Prime can work with your marketing efforts to help you grow your brand and build a customer base that recognizes your brand for its true identity.

Build Trust

Amazon has invested billions of dollars into perfecting its logistics to get to a point where customers see Prime Shipping and immediately trust that their products will be delivered soon and in perfect condition.

In other words, Amazon has earned customer trust through research, effort, and endless optimization.

When you activate the Prime Shipping option on your website, you get a slice of the trust Amazon has worked so hard to build. Your brand gets to take the short route toward winning complete customer trust with virtually no effort or resources going into building or refining your own shipping and logistics.

Increase Conversions

This one is a given.

When you have customers' trust, getting them through the conversion funnel is easy.

Most customers leave brands because of the friction in the shipping process. Amazon's Buy with Prime helps you remove this friction.

Spotting the Prime logo alleviates the customers' shipping-related concerns. Once the customers trust your brand to deliver, they are not as hesitant to shop from you. This can lead to an increase in conversion.

Amazon has recorded stories from numerous sellers about how they experienced an uptick in conversions through Buy with Prime.

The conversion rate for a water filter company went up by 40% after activating Buy with Prime for their website. Another small business owner attributed more than half of their sales to Buy with Prime, claiming it has helped maximize the sales their business gets.

Besides letting brands share the trust and reliability Amazon Prime has built, Buy with Prime also allows sellers to showcase their Amazon reviews on their website.

63% of customers are more likely to buy from a site with reviews. Using Buy with Prime, you can display the reviews your Amazon store gets to boost website conversions and maximize profit from this channel.

Gain Customer Loyalty

Buy with Prime eliminates the research, hesitation, and risk from the shipping process, helping you offer a low-effort and positive customer experience.

89% of customers are more likely to make another purchase after they have had a pleasant experience during their first purchase.

Thus, Buy with Prime can help you acquire sustainable sales and improve your business's bottom line.

How to Get the Buy with Prime Button?

Getting the Amazon Prime button is simple once you align with Amazon's (pretty basic) criteria for signing up for this program:

  • You must be a US-based business with a Professional Seller Account or Amazon Supply Chain Account and an ecommerce store.

  • You must sign up for FBA to ensure Amazon can fulfill your orders.

  • You should have Amazon Pay to let shoppers use the shipping and payment information from their Amazon Account.

If you align with these criteria, you can get started here.

Wrapping it Up

Amazon Buy with Prime gives ecommerce merchants the opportunity to leverage the powers of Amazon's supply chain and capitalize on the trust it has built with the customers to grow their own DTC brands.

Using Buy with Prime, brands can offer customers a shipping experience they love, shape a pleasant customer experience, and enjoy increased conversions.

However, it is important to note that shipping is just one part of the customer experience. Your CX has many facets, all of which must be perfect to drive true benefits from Buy with Prime or any other tool/program.

At Accrue, we help ecommerce merchants grow their businesses on Amazon. Discuss your ideas with our ex-Amazon ecommerce strategists for expert advice on what's best for your online growth.

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