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Global Expansion

The growth of Amazon has opened up opportunities for brands to sell their products globally. Our global expansion program enables our clients to sell into new marketplaces across the world. What would previously have been a capital intensive exercise now can be executed in a cost effective manner. We enable business to sell in markets without have local presence there. Our playbooks include end to end enablement of management of international expansion for brands in new markets such MENA, Europe & APAC

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Brand Advertising

Brand Store Consultation & Development


Feasibility Analysis

The first step in the process includes research. This includes competitor analysis, assessing local laws and regional business requirements. Our team is then able to determine if the product is good fit for the marketplace. The goal here is  to provide evidence based analysis to ensure success for our expansion strategies. 


Cross Border Logistics

There is a high probability that your current warehouses are located in 1 or 2 locations. We act as a 4PL partner and work with 3rd parties to help ship your products to amazon FC in international locales directly from your warehouse. We offer end to end logistic support via our partners, so there is no effort required on your part. 


Setup & Launch

Our global expansion service also includes setting up and launching your Amazon business in international markets. We work on activating your global selling or local Amazon seller central account. The next step entails us setting up your listings inclusive of any local language requirements. After the listings have been setup we conduct thorough keyword research to understand search trends in individual locales and optimize your pages accordingly. 

What Our Clients Say

Chad Sears, Marketing Director, Natural Calm Canada 

"Haris and his team at Accrue have been instrumental in taking our sales to the next level. From listing optimization, ad management and dealing with the red tape, they have provided excellent customer service and professional reporting at every opportunity. So glad we decided to go with Accrue! "

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Interested in Expanding Your Amazon Business To Other Markets?

Our experts  can offer a complimentary consultation to see if your product is a good candidate to sell in other amazon markets.

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