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Business Intelligence Developer


Remote - Anywhere


Full Time or Contract

About the Role

Accrue is looking for an individual that is looking to kick start their career in ecommerce and digital advertising. Our ideal candidate has 2-3 years of experience working at a professional organization in data & analytics. The individual will be required to perform a mix of internal and external facing responsibilities.


  • Build and maintain dashboards and reports to interface with business end users. These reports would be used cross-functionally throughout the organization to help business owners make better informed decisions and enhance the global supply chain value.

  • Diagnose, continually improve, and maintain current eco-system and help fix and enhance existing reports & dashboards.

  • Research for bettering the tools used by the BI team and add predictive methodologies such as AI/ML to the repertoire by strategically finding use cases and business justifications.

  • Analyze current business processes and network with stakeholders to find opportunities to i create new KPIs & dashboards to improve service to customer keeping the cost low.

  • Identify data sources based on requests from internal customers and design BI tools to help end users best synthesize data and make optimal business decisions.

  • Extracting/mining large volumes of data using complex optimized SQL queries from multiple decentralized systems driven by business requirements

About the Company

We are a team of digital and eCommerce professionals that are passionate to help brands win on Amazon and other marketplaces through expertise and technology. When it comes to talent we don’t see boundaries. We value remote working, we don’t care where you are as long as u are top talent that is ambitious, curious and possess high ownership.
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