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Amazon Display

Amazon offers a lot of way to utilize its data. Our team of experts are able to leverage this data to reach net new customers via the Amazon DSP (demand side platform). We can reach various audiences such as in category shoppers, people that viewed your products or similar products to yours across the web even when those shoppers are not on Amazon. This helps drive recall and ensures that your products are top of mind as they go through their buying journey. 

A+ Content

Amazon has a suite of cost-per-click ad tactics known as Sponsored Ads. We have a team of experts that will strategically promote your products based on the most appropriate keywords and campaign strategy. Adding 50+ keywords into your first campaign will burn through your budget instantly. Accrue will strategically create campaigns, based on your product & brand maturity, to build up your best seller rank (BSR). Amazon's Flywheel doesn't just turn on and run overnight, but trust the process and it'll reward you right.

Brand Advertising

Outside of Sponsored Ads, there is another family of advertising products that Amazon offers to help brands grow via high impact placements and outlets. Fire TV, OTT, Twitch, Goodreads, Amazon DSP, Sampling, Custom opportunities... there are endless creative opportunities to put your brand in the forefront of prospective customers.

Brand Store Consultation & Development

Every page on Amazon is susceptible to competitive conquesting - except Brand Stores. This is a tool tool that is available to all brand owners on Amazon. This is also your safe zone to build your brand and establish creditability. Think of this as an effective brand tactic to increase your sales conversion and equity because customers can, without any distractions, learn about your products and brand.


Amazon DSP Management

Amazon DSP (Demand Side Platforms) is an Adtech product offered by Amazon that allows advertisers and agencies to buy media programmatically.  Powered by Amazon's 

behavioural shopping data, brands can now reach potential customers across the web. Accrue is training and enabled to transact media via the Amazon DSP. We work closely with our clients to determine the best suited audiences for their products and can manage the campaigns end to end. 


Building Unique Audiences

With the vast amount of data available, our team of experts are able to pick and build the right type of audiences to use within your campaigns. We take your existing brand audience profiles and translate them to Amazon audiences. We also are able to build unique custom audiences that are based on past product views, purchase and competitor activity. 


Reporting & Analytics

Amazon offers a sleuth of performance data based on both campaign and retail activity. From knowing how many clicked your ad to who went to your product page and who ended up purchasing, there is information available both at the ASIN and audience level. We take away this complexity by ingesting this data into our own reporting tool, so its presented in a simplified manner to you and we can focus on the important stores from the performance. 

What Our Clients Say

Chad Sears, Marketing Director, Natural Calm Canada 

"Haris and his team at Accrue have been instrumental in taking our sales to the next level. From listing optimization, ad management and dealing with the red tape, they have provided excellent customer service and professional reporting at every opportunity. So glad we decided to go with Accrue! "

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